jewellery wholesale ireland dublin wholesaler sterling silver amber Since antiquity, amber's beauty has inspired the world to seek & collect amber, nature's living gemstone. Every woman has room in her jewellery box for a warm and romantic piece of amber. Our authentic Baltic amber & expressive sterling silver jewellery pleases the eye, delights the senses & lights up the world's scientific imagination.

We are wholesaler and distributor of highest quality silver and amber jewellery to the trade. We offer more than 1200 items altogether. We offer the best quality silver and Natural Baltic amber jewellery from Poland. Our producers are recommended by the International Amber Association and that obliges them to produce only natural Baltic amber and 925 Sterling Silver.

jewellery wholesale ireland dublin wholesaler sterling silver amber We supply popular, high street fashion jewellery to a variety of trades from market traders, shops, wholesalers and multiple retailers. We pride ourselves on our fashion consciousness. By responding in advance to future trends, we aim to lead in the delivery of up-to-date styles and products.

Despite our emphasis on supplying high fashion jewellery, we do not neglect basic lines, meaning we can satisfy a very wide range of customers. Our unbeatable prices will satisfy any customer and our quickest same day deliveries will always assure your business not to miss any sale opportunities. Our Collections ranges from classical, romantic and whimsical pieces to modern artistic and fabulously creative. Browse through our beautiful online catalogue featuring modern, handcrafted Amber and the best sterling silver designer jewellery.


jewellery wholesale ireland dublin wholesaler sterling silver amber Gabrielle BIJOUX sell only International Amber Association certified amber jewellery. It means that the products must comply with the Association's recommendation and remain under its supervision regarding the manufacture of products of natural Baltic Amber.

Certified suppliers must not sell pressed amber, amber surrogates, subfossil resins (copies) and synthetic resins.

Your purchase is 100% genuine, gem quality, natural Baltic Amber. No other amber or copal from around the world has the properties of Baltic Amber. Gabrielle BIJOUX purchase their Baltic Amber jewellery only from certified suppliers and manufacturers of Baltic Amber. Our Amber suppliers are recommended by the International Amber Association and carry their seal of approval on all our amber jewellery.

jewellery wholesale ireland dublin wholesaler sterling silver amber All Gabrielle BIJOUX jewellery is checked for quality before leaving Poland and then re-checked after delivery. We guarantee that the amber is Baltic in origin and of the highest gem quality. The workmanship is guaranteed for six months with normal 'wear-and-tear'. If by chance you receive any defective jewellery or pieces you are not completely satisfied with, please call us within ten days of receipt of your order for a return authorization. We promise to replace the item if possible or credit your account.

Our products are all individually carded and barcoded for ease of sales and re-ordering.

Please contact us if you require any further information and we will be happy to help.

jewellery wholesale ireland dublin wholesaler sterling silver amber

Caution: Buy Only Gem Quality Amber!

No mass produced designer copied or fake amber products will be sold by Gabrielle BIJOUX. We guarantee you will receive the genuine article. The Gabrielle BIJOUX Collections have been sourced from the finest jewellery designers using real gem quality Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea in Poland. When you buy from Gabrielle BIJOUX you are guaranteed real gem quality Baltic Amber.

Gabrielle BIJOUX is sourced from certified suppliers approved by the Int. Amber Assoc. in GDANSK Poland.

jewellery wholesale ireland dublin wholesaler sterling silver amber The aim of the International Amber Association of GDANSK Poland is threefold:

Companies that are members of the International Amber Association are required to uphold the highest standards in the amber industry. It guarantees that all its amber products are solely of succinite (Baltic amber). It never sells surrogates of pressed amber or synthetic resins. Its jewellery is set in precious metals and their alloys. It observes the rules of fair trade (no price dumping, stealing of designs, or represented falsehoods).

We hope for a fruitfull cooperation.

Agnieszka Gardias
Gabrielle BIJOUX